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Belgian content retrieved with the Europeana-API and a Python-script. Content enhanced with OpenRefine and imported in MongoDB. Search functionality developed in a Node-js / Express backend with JavaScript.
KIK-content retrieved directly from the Europeana-API in JavaScript.

Site created by Eva Coudyzer (KIK-IRPA).

Homepage image credits

  • Anne Bonnet, La Medina, 1953, Oil painting, KIK-IRPA
  • Emile Claus, Ooidonk park, 1849-1924, Oil painting, photo KIK-IRPA
  • Théo Van Rysselberghe, Tea time in the garden, 1924, Oil painting, photo KIK-IRPA
  • Rogier Van der Weyden, John the Evangelist, 1501-1550, Painted on oak, photo KIK-IRPA

Slideshow Image credits

  • Henri Meunier, Le Guide Musical, ca. 1900, lithography, photo KIK-IRPA
  • Lace workers in Bruges, ca. 1930, photo Acta / KIK-IRPA
  • Emile Claus, Portrait of Mme Claus, 1900, Oil painting, photo KIK-IRPA
  • Emile Claus, Flax harvest, 1904, Glass slide, photo KULeuven