KIK-IRPA & Europeana

Partners in linking and enriching cultural heritage content

Europeana displays over 58 million cultural and scientific artifacts from more then 3000 European institutions, covering a wide range of disciplines such as art, architecture and biology.

KIK-IRPA currently has 143.677 digital objects in the Europeana repository, making it the third largest content provider in Belgium.

KIK-IRPA has been a partner in many Europeana projects since 2008. In PartagePlus, KIK-IRPA delivered high-quality Art Nouveau content to Europeana.

KIK-IRPA is also a valued member of Photoconsortium, an international association managed by the Catholic University of Leuven. It offers an aggregation service for European photographic heritage to Europeana.

The Europeana database displays semantically enriched content. Semantic enrichment makes it easier to retrieve searched content and provides contextualization to the original metadata. The enrichment in Europeana is done by adding links to other online resources, such as DBPedia and Geonames.

Querying Europeana gives interesting results from institutions all over Europe, creating a linked data environment. A search for the painter Emile Claus not only shows results from KIK-IRPA...

But also content from other Belgian cultural heritage institutions, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent, Groeningemuseum in Bruges and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

A letter from Emile Claus to the Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt, written in Antwerp in 1874, conserved by the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland.

And an auction result from Dorotheum, showing that a painting from Claus was sold in 1935 from an apartment located in the Goldegasse in Vienna.

Europeana also offers technical infrastructure such as application programming interfaces or APIs, making it possible to creatively reuse content in online exhibitions or in your own application.

On this website you can explore cultural heritage objects from KIK-IRPA and other Belgian institutions aggregated by Europeana, using the Europeana search-API.
Interested in joining Europeana? Find a Belgian aggregator on this site or contact Europeana!